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Message from the President   


Dr. Javier José Vales García


Honorable members of the board

I present myself to you with humbleness facing the responsibility that the community has assigned to me and which the board has ratified. I promise to endorse the trust that was deposited in me with responsibility, honesty, work and deep respect for our Institution.

I certainly say that the challenges and tasks that we will face are huge, but smaller than the determination, preparation and work capability of the university community. In this day I wish to revive the hope for change and promise that with your active participation  we will achieve unity objectives, avoiding conflicts and sterile divisiveness , which for long time have undermined the Institutional unity. Together, there is little we cannot accomplish if agreed. Divided is little what we can do to increase the academic quality.

It will not be an easy task, the national economy has ups and downs, the institutional finances must be healed and our society is in crisis; nevertheless, we are certain that the solution is in education and the attachment to the values and to our duty, which is typified in the Organic Law, is to offer quality education at the widest term of this concept.

In your hands my appreciated students and coworkers, more than in mine, lays the success or the failure of our university project. We have our enemies well identified, which are: ignorance, ineptitude, laziness, corruption and influence’s traffic; but we will end up victorious using the weapons you already know, weapons we handle with effectiveness and efficiency, such as: knowledge, hard work, patience and honesty. I face this responsibility because I am confident about the university community support and I trust that you all will bring your best effort so as to make our institution transcend. The knowledge to solving of the problems that we face is in our faculty and administrative staff, and the only missing part is to assign the right tasks to the right people.

Using the strategies we will together settle, it will be my job to coordinate the work of all the members of our community aimed at reaching the objectives indicated in our organic law. I wish for the academic community to recover the belief that the most important social work a university professor can carry out is trough teaching and investigation and the dissemination of science and culture, the administrative job is essential to achieve this goal along with the support from the society which we luckily have and will countersign with our works on our way to accomplish transcendence trough education.

For our society, our students and our coworkers, the academic orientation will be corrected, the hard work will continue, the hope of the ITSON’s founders lives and their dream, which we share, will never die.

Thank you very much.