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Strategic Initiatives 

Technology Centre of Integration and Business Development (CETIDE by its Spanish initials)

CETIDE has as objective to develop the economy from the South region of Sonora, raising the companies and regional organizations competitiveness and sustainability. This will be accomplished by offering professional services to companies, municipalities and educational institutions, leading them to maintain a slim organizational structure achieving a specialization on the essential competences of business. According to this, is pretended for companies to transit by a short period of time by an acceleration process, utilizing information technologies.

NOVUTEK  Software Center of Solutions

Novutek is a sustenance strategy for regional economic and social transformation initiative, which through its integration to innovation ecosystems from software industry, provides IT solutions to local, national and international companies with the purpose of supporting their best performance.

SONORA SOFT Software Technology Park

Sonora Soft has as objective to offer high added value services to the software international market by, creating collaboration and support relations to the growth of software development companies, promoting a service, quality and innovation training over and above driving the economic development of the existing companies as well as the region.

VU University Life


VU has as objective to escort students through their university life, where the student gets to be in touch with the university since his pre-admission, admission, permanence, egress and post-graduation, enlarging his educational experiences further than the classroom. All these efforts will lead to understanding the quality of his pre-university formation, searching for the academic regularity and personal development on his journey in the Institute, as well as, extending his possibilities for personal and professional success. 

CESS Tourist Corridors from Southern Sonora.


CESS has as objective to promote the sustainable and fair touristic development from the economic, sociocultural and environmental point of view, all these with the purpose of benefiting directly or indirectly the involving communities through ecotourism.

CETT Experimental Center for Technology Transfer


CETT has as objective to contribute to the integration of the main chains in sectors such as: aquaculture, agriculture and livestock, through technology validation and transference as well as generating and applying scientific knowledge, accomplishing the socioeconomic development of the region.

CIIBA Investigation and Innovation Center in Biotechnology, Agricultural and Environmental



CIIBA has as objective to contribute to the development of the agricultural, livestock and aquaculture activities, through generation and application of knowledge, as well as biotechnological innovation.


CUDDEC University Center of Community Development


CUDDEC has as objective to contribute to the development of communities, leading them to become more economically self-sufficient, healthier, with higher survival rates and a large sense of wellbeing which will drive to a better life quality for the population of the underprivileged suburbs from Obregon City.

ITSON Business Incubator


ITSON Business Incubator has as objective to improve the social and economic indicators from the community through self-sustaining enterprises qualification. In alignment with its strategic objective of offering to society consulting, designing and development of products and services, business incubation and acceleration become rentable for ITSON and they also position and maintain a national and international institutional prestigious image.

CRIDAE Regional Centre for Research and Development of Water and Energy


CRIDAE has as objective to perform scientific and technological investigation oriented to the permanent and systematic search of integral solutions for water and energy problems existing in Sonora State, allowing management, exploitation and sustainable use of hydraulic and energetic resources, with the union of universities and investigation centers as well as others from private and public sectors, water and energy sustainability in Sonora-Arizona region will be accomplished.

DIAPYME Agribusiness International District for Small and Medium Enterprises


DIAPYME is an integral ecosystem settled in a high level physical infrastructure which is comprised by small and medium enterprises  group (PYMES)from the food industry, supported by other enterprises which provide specialized products and services, qualified human resources, technology, financial resources; all of this in a technological and favorable environment for business. 

PATTE Articulation and Transfer Park of Educational Technology


PATTE has as objective to increase the region’s richness by creating a bridge between technological knowledge and society, by using innovative didactic tools, educational programs and vocational training, these efforts to get to the individual as well as the organizations, cultural and technological mindset as inbuilt part of the everyday, that is why we are a bridge between technology and society.