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Social Commitment 

ITSON is committed to provide useful and unique learning experiences and programs as well as related research and development activities and results that integrate teaching, research, community service, outreach, and measurable value added for all stakeholders, including a primary focus on society.

Students are expected to contribute with the community development in a three-phases intervention, which takes 3 academic terms and the same number of courses. Phases are focused on (1) community works, (2) community diagnostics and (3) specific problem-solving projects.

ITSON operates the University Center for Communitarian Development in the poorest neighborhood in Ciudad Obregon. This Centre deploys University’s programs that are aimed to develop and certify human, technical, social and economical competencies among underprivileged people in order to create a sustainable social change in this community.

The estimated benefited population will be 18,000 inhabitants.