​​​​​​​​​​​​COLección de Microrganismos Edáficos y Endófitos NAtivos (COLMENA)​

Native Endophytes and Soil Microorganisms Collection

Culture collections are valuable resources for the sustainable use of microbial diversity and its conservation. Their primary aim is to preserve their strain while providing pure cultures for their potential application in different areas such as health, medicine, industry, agriculture, biotechnology, research and teaching, since their major task is to collect, preserve and make microbial strains accessible to the public.
The Coleccion de Microorganismos Edáficos y Endófitos Nativos (COLMENA) is a microbial collection specialized in the preservation, classification, characterization, and transferring of native microorganisms isolated from different agro-systems, and different other habitats, in Mexico.
COLMENA was created in 2015 with the support received by the National Council of Science and Technology through the financing of the project 253663 "Strengthening the infrastructure of the Laboratorio de Biotecnologìa del Recurso Microbiano    of ITSON for the creation of COLMENA: COLección de Microorganismos Edáficos y Endófitos NAtivos, to contribute to regional and national food security", of the Support Program for the Strengthening and Development of the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure 2015.



The goal of COLMENA is the native microbial communities utilization as a sustainable alternative way for contributing to the National food safety. The key elements for achieving the goal of COLMENA are to establish successful collaborations among Institutions, academic , industrial and productive sectors.


To decrease the loss of microbial diversity associated to intensive agricultural practices used in Mexican agro-systems, and different habitats, with the aim of diminish the soil degradation. The strategy is to isolate, preserve, and classificate  microbial communities, analyzing their potential environmental and economical benefits of their re-incorporation into these ecosystems.


To lead the revolution of the microbial inoculants use in the Mexican  agriculture,  transferring native microorganisms to the field, under specific biotic and abiotic conditions.