“Molecular technique’s workshop II” (August 7-11, 2017). Accepted participants.


The Laboratorio de Biotecnología del Recurso Microbiano (LBRM) offers vacancies to develop bachelor’s thesis in the following projects:

  • Diversity of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms associated with maize cultivation in Sinaloa and Sonora, by amplification of the nifH gene. (1 person)
  • Standardization of procedures and computerization of the database of the Collection of Edaphic and Endophytic Microorganisms (COLMENA). (2 people)
  • Wheat mutagenesis for tolerance to temperature increments in response to climate change in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora. (1 person).
For further information please contact PhD. Sergio de los Santos:


“3rd Biotechnology Summit 2016 (BS´16)”  (October 24-28, 2016)

“Molecular technique’s workshop I” (May 25-29, 2015)